How to get amazon prime activation code on your TV – – To watch Prime Video on Amazon myTV TV, users have to enter the registration code of 4 digits on an online web portal that is, create an Amazon Prime Video account from the official website from TV and create their favorite To start watching web series or movies from now on, go to the following link to start now Amazon Mytv Activation Code

Amazon Mytv Activation Code –

The Amazon myTV code can be typed by going to the online activation portal of Amazon Prime, for this, you just enter the Amazon website and the Amazon registration code in the box and then click on the device register.

Amazon prime activation code on your TV

First of all, you have to open Amazon prime app on your TV.
And then sign in with your amazon prime account credential
After that, you will see a 6 latter activation code on your TV screen.
Now copy of 6 latter activation code
Now open your browser and go to
After above the steps you have to enter 6 letter activation code in the field Registration Code.
After all, you will successfully register and activate Amazon Prime.

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